Unlock the art of nail design and care—where creativity meets skill.

Dive into the vibrant realm of professional nail care by enrolling in our Manicuring Degree Program at Chattanooga College MDTC. This program is tailored for those with a passion for beauty and precision. It is your gateway to becoming a master of nail aesthetics. From mastering fundamental manicure techniques to exploring advanced nail art, this program is designed to turn your artistic vision into a vibrant career.

Manicuring Program - Our Approach

Our curriculum is designed not just to teach you the current standards but to anticipate the trends and technologies that shape the future of nail care.

Our instructors are industry veterans who bring a wealth of knowledge and insider tips to help you stand out in the industry.

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Manicuring Diploma - Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously structured to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all facets of manicuring:

Nail Anatomy: Learn about the biological structure and vital functions of nails. Also, learn about maintaining nail health and addressing common conditions that affect nail well-being.

Manicure Techniques: Become proficient in a wide range of manicure and pedicure techniques. This includes everything from essential grooming and hygiene practices to advanced shaping, buffing, and polish applications.

Nail Art: Push the boundaries of traditional nail design by exploring innovative uses of color, texture, and design. Learn how to craft stunning visuals on the tiny canvases of nails, suitable for everyday beauty or high-fashion editorial looks.

Manicuring Diploma - Careers

Upon graduation, you will be equipped to pursue various exciting career opportunities within the beauty industry:

Nail Salon Technician: Enhance the aesthetics and self-esteem of clients by providing top-tier nail services in a vibrant salon setting.

Spa Nail Specialist: Focus on clients' holistic wellness by offering luxurious nail treatments that complement the serene spa experience.

Freelance Nail Artist: Establish a name for yourself as a freelance nail artist, creating bespoke designs for private clients, special events, and editorial shoots. To support your career aspirations, our dedicated career services team is on hand to assist with job placements, professional networking, and entrepreneurial ventures for those interested in starting their own nail care businesses.

Manicuring Diploma - Certs/Licenses

The Manicuring Degree Program at Chattanooga College is not just about skill development—it also prepares you for the critical state certification exams necessary for becoming a licensed nail technician. We provide thorough preparations for these exams, integrating both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to excel in the professional licensing process.

Manicuring Diploma - Courses & Credit Hours

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
MANI I Manicuring Level I 300
MANI II Manicuring Level II 300

Employers of Previous Manicuring Students

Students with Manicuring knowledge are in high demand!

Why Choose Chattanooga College for Manicuring?

Many Reasons!

600 hours vs 1500 hours

This means you aren't required to undertake the lengthy 1500-hour cosmetology program to become a nail technician. Instead, at Chattanooga College, you complete just 600 hours! You invest half the time and save money. It's a definite win-win situation.

Institution in Area

Chattanooga College stands out as the sole institution in the region that offers an independent manicuring program.

Comprehensive Training

We cover both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for success in the professional licensing process.

Are you ready to channel your passion for beauty into a fulfilling and creative career? Apply now to the Manicuring Degree Program at Chattanooga College MDTC, and start crafting a future where your artistry shines.

Success Stories

If you're seeking a quick, straightforward path to success with the support of exceptional teachers every step of the way, choose Chattanooga College!


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Chattanooga College has been one of the best colleges I have attended. The Instructors go over and beyond to make sure you pass.

M. Montgomery-Sanford


Thank you Chattanooga College for all of the love and support, the teaching and knowledge, and most importantly believing in me and cheering me on through the hard times and the good times. I am thankful for Chattanooga College."

K. Godfrey


The teachers at our Chattanooga College are absolutely incredible. They go above and beyond to ensure our success and provide us with captivating and thought-provoking classes that really challenge our critical thinking skills. We\'re lucky to have such a supportive and intellectually stimulating enviroment.

L. Penny

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