Instructor Program

The primary objective of the Instructor Training course is to offer in-depth training for those aiming to become licensed instructors in Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology. This course is not just about acquiring technical and written skills for licensure, but also about personal growth and professional development. We focus on ensuring participants are well-prepared to teach effectively in Tennessee, providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the course to ensure your success.

Instructor Program - Our Approach

The 30-hour Instructor Training course covers a comprehensive curriculum that includes the history of teaching methods, fostering educator relationships, designing effective study programs, and utilizing various educational tools.

Instructor Program - Curriculum

Participants will learn diverse teaching and learning strategies, conduct professional performance evaluations, and prepare for licensure exams. They will also gain a deep understanding of Tennessee state laws and regulations. This focus on local requirements, along with topics such as classroom management, presentation skills, meeting industry needs, teaching in dynamic clinical settings, and accommodating various learning styles, aims to promote successful teaching outcomes in the ever-evolving Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology field.

Instructor Program - Careers

Cosmetology instructors have a variety of career paths they can pursue within the beauty industry, education, and beyond. Here are some key career opportunities for those with expertise in teaching cosmetology:

  • Cosmetology School Instructor: The most direct role for a cosmetology instructor is teaching at a beauty school. Depending on their expertise, instructors may teach a variety of subjects, including hair cutting, coloring, nail care, skin care, and makeup application.
  • Curriculum Developer: Experienced instructors can work as curriculum developers for beauty schools or educational programs. They create educational materials, update courses with the latest beauty techniques and trends, and ensure compliance with state licensing requirements.
  • State Licensing Examiner: As licensing examiners, instructors with extensive experience can work for state boards. They administer practical exams and evaluate candidates on their suitability for licensure in the field of cosmetology.
  • Educational Consultants: These professionals provide expertise to schools and companies in the beauty industry. They might assist in developing educational programs, improving teaching methods, or integrating new technologies and products into the curriculum.
  • Beauty Industry Sales and Training: Cosmetology instructors can leverage their knowledge and communication skills to work in sales, marketing, or training for beauty product companies. They may provide product education and training to other professionals in salons or at trade shows.
  • Salon Management or Ownership: Instructors can manage or open salons with their comprehensive knowledge. They have the skills to train staff, manage business operations, and provide high-quality services to clients.
  • Online Beauty Influencer or Educator: Instructors can also teach beauty techniques on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or dedicated online education platforms. The platforms can be an excellent way to reach a global audience and establish a brand in the beauty education space.
  • Continuing Education Provider: Many states require cosmetologists to complete continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. Instructors can develop and teach these courses, keeping professionals updated on the latest in beauty and health regulations.
  • Corporate Trainer for Beauty Brands: Instructors may work as corporate trainers who specialize in educating a company’s staff about specific products or services. This role is crucial for brands that want to ensure consistency in service quality across franchise locations.

These career paths allow cosmetology instructors to utilize their skills in diverse ways, contributing significantly to their personal growth and the advancement of the beauty industry.

Instructor Program Diploma - Certs/Licenses

Instructor – Diploma Program

Instructor Program - Courses & Credit Hours

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
INST 101 Lesson Planning and Motivation 100
COS II Instruction 200

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