Venture into a captivating journey in the world of esthetics.

Join us on an enriching path into the vibrant and constantly evolving world of esthetics with our comprehensive Esthetics Degree Program.

At Chattanooga College MDTC, we are passionately committed to equipping our students with the essential skills and advanced knowledge necessary to flourish in the dynamic beauty industry.

Esthetics - Program Overview

Our program is exquisitely designed to provide an exhaustive understanding of skincare alongside a variety of modern beauty treatments. By integrating cutting-edge techniques, our curriculum caters to a wide array of aesthetic preferences and styles. Whether you prefer a fast-paced 9-month day program or need the flexibility of a 12-month night program, we offer options to fit your lifestyle and commitments without compromise.

Begin Your Esthetics Career with Us

Are you eager to transform your passion for beauty into a thriving career? Apply now to the Esthetics Degree Program at Chattanooga College MDTC and start your journey toward becoming a distinguished professional in the esthetics field. For more details or to arrange a visit to our campus, please get in touch with our admissions office. Join us and mold your future in the captivating world of esthetics!

Students with Cosmetology knowledge are in high demand!

Esthetics - Coursework

Our curriculum lays a solid foundation in all crucial aspects of esthetics. The academic journey unfolds with:

Skincare Fundamentals: Learn the science behind various skin types and conditions and the most effective care techniques to meet individual client needs.

Makeup Application: Advance your skills from basic makeup applications to mastering sophisticated, artistic looks designed for high-profile occasions and professional photo shoots.

Advanced Esthetic Techniques: Engage in specialized courses that highlight the forefront of esthetic treatments and explore the latest innovations reshaping the beauty industry.

Esthetics - Careers

Our graduates are meticulously prepared to enter the beauty industry with confidence and expertise, fully ready to take on diverse and exciting roles. Potential career paths include:

Spa Technicians: Deliver a broad spectrum of aesthetic treatments and services in luxurious spa environments.

Skincare Specialists: Specialize in promoting optimal skin health and developing customized skincare routines for clients.

Makeup Artists:Employ your creativity to create unique and mesmerizing looks for events, media engagements, and personal clientele. Our committed career services team diligently supports students in securing placements that align perfectly with their skills and career aspirations, ensuring a smooth transition into the competitive job market.

Esthetics - Certificates / Licenses

Comprehensive Certifications: Graduating from our program prepares students to pursue a range of esteemed certifications, significantly enhancing their professional profile and employability. Our curriculum strictly adheres to the standards of well-recognized certification bodies within the beauty industry. This ensures that our graduates are fully equipped to meet professional standards and excel in their chosen fields.

Esthetics Diploma - Courses & Credit Hours

Course # Course Title Credit Hours
AEST 101 Sanitation 20
AEST 101 Sterilization 20
AEST 101 Bacteriology 20
AEST 101 Professional ethics 10
AEST 101 Personality 10
AEST 101 Anatomy 25
AEST 101 Physiology 25
AEST 101 State Law 10
AEST 101 Salesmanship 10
AEST 101 Skin conditions 75
AEST 101 Products 65
AEST 101 EPA and OSHA requirements 10
AEST 101 Massage 90
AEST 101 Masks 90
AEST 101 Facial treatments 90
AEST 101 Applications - Machines, Color Psychology 90
AEST 101 Make-up 90

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Why Choose Chattanooga College?

Many Reasons!

Affordability Commitment

Quality education should be accessible to all. Our program is centered around a promise to provide accessible and high-quality education. By using technology and removing on-campus facility expenses, we aim to keep tuition fees at a reasonable level. Moreover, we offer financial aid options, scholarships, and flexible payment plans to ease the financial burden and enable healthcare professionals to pursue their education without sacrificing quality.

Comprehensive Career Support

Anticipate receiving comprehensive support services to guide your career path beyond academic pursuits. Our offerings encompass career counseling, resume-building workshops, and networking events to enhance your job search capabilities. Leveraging robust ties with industry partners and healthcare organizations, we can facilitate internships and job placements for our students. This bridge between education and practical employment empowers our students to reach their career aspirations successfully.

Online Flexibility

Tailored to the needs of busy individuals, our fully online format allows students to balance education with personal and professional commitments. The intuitive online learning platform facilitates virtual classrooms, multimedia resource access, and interactive discussions, fostering a student-centered learning experience. This flexibility empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue academic and career goals without geographical constraints.

Success Stories

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Chattanooga College has been one of the best colleges I have attended. The Instructors go over and beyond to make sure you pass.

M. Montgomery-Sanford


Thank you Chattanooga College for all of the love and support, the teaching and knowledge, and most importantly believing in me and cheering me on through the hard times and the good times. I am thankful for Chattanooga College."

K. Godfrey


The teachers at our Chattanooga College are absolutely incredible. They go above and beyond to ensure our success and provide us with captivating and thought-provoking classes that really challenge our critical thinking skills. We\'re lucky to have such a supportive and intellectually stimulating enviroment.

L. Penny

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